PAND Society was established to foster the following within the Persian American community:

  • Professional interactions, encouraging and maintaining high professional standards, ethics and best practices
  • Personal relationships among like-minded members
  • An opportunity to represent Persian Americans professionals to the public
  • Promoting servant leadership within the communities in which we live
  • An opportunity to network and develop professional and business relationships
  • Education on networking, marketing, and business expansion methods and practices


Professional Growth & Integrity

PAND Society has established its credibility through organic growth within the community. Two principle methods are the successful cornerstones that continue this tradition: 1. Member recommendations through personal referrals.  2. The fact that members are solicited only by endorsed invitations from the existing membership body. This prudent and well considered policy ensures the integrity to PAND’s vision and purpose that enhances confidence and trust among the members.

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General Sessions

PAND Society holds general sessions on a regular basis. The new members are also introduced and welcomed into the society. General Sessions are a great platform for the members to introduce themselves and their services to the other society members.
General Sessions also provide a wonderful opportunity for:

  • Members to engage in face-to-face interaction
  • Develop strong professional network
  • Create new personal relationships and bonds

Lecture Series

PAND society lecture series are conducted by peer member professionals or invited guest speakers. These series serve a multi-fold purpose:

1.     Addressing the most current pressing issues facing the organization and its members.
2.     Dissemination of professional business knowledge to help new members learn or enhance essential skills
3.     Motivate members to actively participate in meetings and the community.

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Many Iranians chose to make the United States of America their home. It was in early 2009 when a small group of Iranian business professionals gathered with the intent of exploring ways of furthering business opportunity and development and the social good of our community. During this meeting the idea of establishing a prestigious society for the growing community of Iranian professionals was born. This society would seek out Persian business professionals and entrepreneurs with a high level of expertise and who equally professed high ethical standards.

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